Founders Deborah McKinley and Neil Anderson are licensed California Attorneys who are committed to providing professional, effective alternatives to prosecution for entry-level misdemeanor offenders. After seeing the need for a turnkey solution to overcrowded courts and jails, they created the American Justice Program as a win-win solution for all parties involved: the defendant, the prosecutor’s office, the court, and society at large. By referring cases to AJA, the court system now knows it has a workable, cost-effective solution to non-violent crimes.

Deborah B. McKinley, Attorney at Law | State of California Bar #195257

McKinley founded American Justice Associates in 1994 and currently handles all administrative functions of the company. Along with Anderson, McKinley is working to expand American Justice Associates nationally.

Neil G. Anderson, Attorney at Law | State of California Bar #55410

Anderson brings 21 years of experience as a prosecutor to the AJA team, making him empathetic to prosecutors and their ongoing needs and daily concerns. Prior to his tenure as a Supervising Deputy District Attorney in Sacramento, Anderson also served as a police officer in Garden Grove and in Redlands for approximately eight years.